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About Us

Sadowski Resolutions Group is dedicated to serving our clients by offering a comprehensive suite of services that include consultation, litigation, mediation and arbitration.

The foundation of our expertise is the ability to recognize and interpret what parties in a dispute are really saying to each other and then help them negotiate their way around seemingly overwhelming obstacles.

SRG has more than 10 active lawyers/mediators/arbitrators who have had carriage or conducted many thousands of mediation sessions throughout Ontario ranging in value from a dismissal without costs to more than two million dollars.  We have developed a deep and comprehensive understanding of the methods and nuances involved in this highly specialized practice.

The Firm’s associates are from diverse backgrounds and experience which makes matching the right mediator to the case easy.  We provide experienced mediators with flexible schedules who charge reasonable fees.  The mediators all thoroughly understand the trial process with its attendant risks, uncertainty and expense.

Mediators do not force resolutions, but assist the parties to communicate and negotiate effectively, ultimately helping them reach a settlement. Our experience in this area whether in the role of Mediator or counsel to a client participating in Mediation, is extensive and is based upon our philosophy that litigation is often not the best remedy for a dispute.

Litigation by its very nature involves numerous variables, many of which are largely beyond the control of the parties. The factual particulars of a case and what the opposing side does with those facts are matters that cannot be controlled. Despite these complications, litigation can and should be managed with the goal of achieving a positive result at a reasonable cost. 

By engaging in developing creative solutions not available at a trial, the parties can influence and maintain control over time, expense and risk. Counsel, and in most cases their clients, are by nature and necessity, risk averse. There is very little risk when it comes to mediation. As a needs-based process, with outcomes ultimately in the control of the parties, mediation stands a better chance of giving clients what they want, rather than an imposed decision.

Our techniques and skills produce results, proving that we have a firm grasp of the correct manner in which mediation should be conducted. More than 85% ($750 Million in claims) of our civil mediation cases have reached successful conclusions, a fact that has solidified the reputation as mediators we have so diligently built.